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Spring 2024
Mar 24 ’24 at 12:00 AM
May 19 ’24
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Who is Eligible for Nomination?

Any member of the SFGSL with 10 or more years of membership, whether living or deceased, can be nominated to the SFGSL Hall of Fame. The nominee, whether a player, manager, coach, scorekeeper, umpire, or fan shall have made significant contributions to the SFGSL.

How Can I Nominate Someone?

Nominations for membership into the Hall of Fame may be made by any SFGSL member in good standing and shall be made in the form and manner provided by the SFGSL Hall of Fame committee. Anyone who is personally familiar with a nominee may nominate them for the SFGSL Hall of Fame by completing and submitting the SFGSL Hall of Fame Nomination on this page. Nominations will be open for a period of time set by the SFGSL Board.

How Are Inductees Selected?

The Chair of the SFGSL Hall of Fame Committee prepares a ballot with all nominees and submits the ballot with a copy of each nominee’s application to the voting members within 30 days of the closing deadline for nominations. All nominees' identifying information will be removed from the application before submitted to the voting members. In an effort to minimize familiarity bias names and gender will be excluded as the voting members are asked to make decisions based on the contributions the nominee has made.

The living members of the SFGSL Hall of Fame and certain at-large members have 30 days from the date the ballots are distributed to review the credentials of each nominee’s application, cast their votes and return their ballots to the chair.

Any nominee who receives at least two-thirds of the votes cast will be inducted into the SFGSL Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame Committee Chair will tabulate the results and notify the SFGSL Board and the living Hall of Fame candidates of the outcome.

Any nominee who is not selected shall automatically be reconsidered for induction the following 2 years. The Hall of Fame Committee Chair shall notify the maker of the nominee’s application at which point they will have the opportunity to edit or amend the application for the nominee.

Visit our Hall of Fame Members page to see our past inductees.

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