Rating Information

Your team registration is not complete until your ratings have been emailed to your division rep
This form must include ratings of all players listed on your team roster.  It will be due by the team registration deadline.

Team Ratings Form (XLS) - Due by team registration deadline.

SFGSL Master Ratings Workbook (This LINK has been DISABLED PENDING new 2019 ratings information) 
Ratings Questionnaire (for mgrs when rating players) (PDF)
For 2019 only, here is a suggested conversion chart from the old system to the new questions:  Converting OLD to New Questions

SFGSL Ratings Review Form (for lowering and/or to anonymously bring up another team's player for discussion) (This LINK has been DISABLED PENDING new 2019 ratings information)

All Women's teams will follow ASANA team classifications for their division. This does not need to be submitted with registration. It is a guideline for teams to follow. If you have questions, please contact your division rep.  

Women's Team Classification Guidelines (PDF)

ASANA Ratings Form (XLS)

ASANA Player Classification Guidelines (PDF)

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