How does team messaging work?
When you post a team message, the message appears on the team dashboard and everyone on the roster gets an email with the message. When team members reply to the email, it will only go to the person who sent the message. Alternatively, the member can go to the team dashboard and reply to all by posting a new message. Only members of the team can see these messages.
How do I find my team dashboard page?
You can visit the team page in the top menu and scroll to your division, clicking on your team name will take you to your team dashboard. You can also visit your own dashboard and click on your team name.
How can I find my schedule and standings?
Once the schedule has been posted, you can view your schedule from your dashboard or your team dashboard. Standings are available from your team dashboard or division dashboard pages.


What is a Free Agent?
A Free Agent is typically a new person to the league or a player that has been in the league but wishes to join a new team. Players who are returning to the same team, should register as a Team Player for that specific team.
How do I know what teams are looking for players?
Managers will contact free agents in the system if they need players. During January and beginning of February, Managers are registering players from previous years so roster limits aren't always and indicator of need. After the registration deadline, you can view team dashboards and see how many players are on each roster.
How do I add a Free Agent to my roster?
Free Agents are added to the roster by going to your Division Dashboard > Players > Filter by Free Agent and then click the "Invite to Team" button next to their name. Do not invite by email like returning players. If you don't see the "Invite to Team" button, make sure you are logged in.
What happens if I don't find a team?
We try to help everyone find a team but sometimes this isn't possible. For this reason, we allow Free Agents to register for free. (Free Agents are invoiced once they have been added to a roster) Please consider playing Fall Ball that starts in September or signing up again next January.
What if I am unsure as to what level/division of play to join?
Please fill out the Free Agent Inquiry form and we advise you on which level/division would most likely fit you best based on your answers.
What if I choose the wrong level of play?
No problem. Send us an email to let us know and we'll move you to another Free Agent pool.
How will I hear from prospective coaches/managers?
Manager's will be able to browse Free Agents that have registered in their divisions. They can view your About Me profile and message you directly if they think you'd be a good fit. The message will be sent to the email addressed that you used when you registered. Your email address is private and will only be revealed to the manager once you respond to them.
Will the SFGSL Board no longer be sending a list of new players to managers?
True. We have implemented a new system to create more transparency and community for our members. Managers will now be able to browse Free Agents as soon as they register and contact them directly from the site.


If a players gets rated out of a division, how do they transfer to a new team?
You must be dropped by the manager through the add/drop form. Once you are dropped from the team, you will receive a notification and go back into the Free Agent pool. At that time you can either request to join another team by contacting the manager or the manager can send you an invite.


If a players want to transfer to another team before the add/drop deadline how would that be done and tracked?
You must be dropped by the current manager through the add/drop form. Once you are dropped from the team, you will receive a notification and go back into the Free Agent pool. At that time you can either request to join another team by contacting the manager or a manager can send you an invite.
If a player drops from my team but already paid, can we add another player for free?
No, player fees are non-transferable. The player fee stays with the player if they want to join another team.
Does the player fee stay with the person even if they switch teams?
Yes. Player fees stay with the player.
How can be sure that I was dropped from a team when I requested it?
You will receive an email notification once you have been dropped from the team.


Does my Fall Ball player fee carry over to the spring season?
No, your Fall Ball player fee doesn't carry over to the Spring Season. However, you do receive a discount for Fall Ball if you were a member of the Spring Season in the same year.


What if I have trouble registering?
Please contact us detailing any issues you are having so we can troubleshoot with you.
If I use my Facebook login, will the SFGSL automatically post to my Facebook timeline?
No. The Facebook integration provides a convenient login to your SFGSL account. You will always be asked before anything is posted and have the opportunity to decline. Members can utilize their Facebook identity on the SFGSL site and connect with their teammates and fellow participants. The website will download your profile pic and provide a link on your dashboard to your public Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account or use a Facebook account to create a profile - it is completely optional.
What if I don't want to pay online?
Our site is secured by authorize.net, a trusted online merchant, and is 100% secure using HTTPS. But if you cannot pay online, your manager can login for you and make your payment. You and your manager can arrange payment offline. Managers are responsible for all player payments and no players can play until payment is recorded in the system.
Can I send a check through the mail to the SFGSL for player fee(s)? Or one check for my whole team?
We are no longer accepting checks from membership with the exception of the Team Sponsor Fee as many of these come directly from the sponsor. Individual checks create unnecessary paperwork and labor for the league. With the new league management software, you'll be able to get real time feedback about payments and it will be automatically tracked. If player fee checks are mailed, members are not obligated to create an accounts and member contracts won't be electronically signed. This is a legal issue for the league. Less paper is better for the environment!
What if a share an email with my partner?
Every member of the league needs to have a valid email address so you would need to create a separate email address. Fortunately, this is easy and even free to do with Hotmail or Gmail. Since there are no more paper contracts, your email address is how we track you as an individual SFGSL member and tie it back to your electronic member contract.
Can I pay for myself and my partner's player fee at the same time?
Unfortunately, the system doesn't allow for that at this time. But you can log in and use your partner's credit card, it just needs to be a separate transaction and made under your account.
What information do I need to pay for one of my players?
Players are required to pay when they register or within 24 hours if they were a Free Agent. If you need to pay for one of your players, you will need to help them register and pay with your credit card using their login information.
Can a player be added to my roster without paying?
All players have to pay when they register for a team by Manager invite. Free Agents or Team Players who request to join a team have 24 hours from the time they are added to the roster to pay their player fee.
Can a player be added to my team without my permission?
No. You must approve anyone who wants to join your team unless you invited them yourself.
How many players are allowed on a team?
Open Division can have up to 18 players and the Women's Division can have up to 20. You must have at least 10 on the roster before the registration deadline.
Can I register from a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad?
Most users can but we do not support mobile device registration. We recommend using a regular computer with a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer if you have any issues.


Will my private information like DOB and email address be shown on my profile page?
The only Account Profile details that will be available to logged in users when viewing your profile page are About Me. Private information such as your email address, mailing address, any contact numbers, and date of birth will be hidden from all members except SFGSL Board Members. Your first name is public but only logged in members can see your last name.
How do I know the site is secure?
All payment processing is done by Authorize.net, a trusted online merchant. Our site is hosted by LeagueApps.com who host hundreds of sports leagues around the country. HTTPS is used when entering our payment gateway. If you are making a transaction online, you should make sure that it is done over HTTPS so that the data remains secure.

You can tell when a page is using HTTPS in two ways:
  1. There will be a lock icon in the browser window pane (usually at the bottom).
  2. The URL will say "https://"

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