Add/Drop Period

After team registration has closed, the add/drop period begins. Manager's may add or drop players from their roster until the add/drop period closes. After the add/drop closing deadline, all rosters are locked for the remainder of the season.

ADD/DROP DEADLINE: May 20, 2024 @ Midnight For Open and Women's+ Leagues

NOTE: Player fees are non-refundable or transferable. If a player transfers to another team during the add/drop period, their player fee will stay with them and they will not be charged to join another team.

Adding Players

Manager's may pick up Free Agents or invite players to their team just as they did during team registration. Manager's may do this from their dashboard pages.

Player Transfers

A player may be transferred from one team to another during the add/drop period. They must be dropped to return to the Free Agent pool before they can be added to another team.

Dropping Players

Manager's can drop players from their rosters by emailing the league secretary at  A board representative will remove the player and notify the manager when it's complete.

NOTE: Only the Manager's are allowed to make roster changes.

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