Kevin James Snow


September 10, 1959 - January 6, 2010

Long-time San Francisco resident Kevin Snow, born in Portsmouth, VA, died unexpectedly of a heart attack in Dallas, TX while traveling to his Uncle Jimmy’s funeral.

Kevin served in the US Navy, attended the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and lived and worked in Kansas City, Missouri for many years. Kevin’s greatest gift was his incredible sense of humor - which he parlayed into a career both onstage performing stand-up comedy and as a Vice President of GPS-MIS for Bank of America in San Francisco. Possibly the pinnacle of his comedy career was when the Birmingham ABC TV station refused to air the “coming out” episode of the Ellen Show, and GLAAD worked with locals including Kevin as event host to air the show via satellite.

Kevin is survived by his husband Tim Williams and their kitty Earl Patrick Williams-Snow, his Mother Mary Etta Snow, numerous siblings and many friends all over the world. He was preceded in death by his Father Charles Sanford Snow.

He loved the San Francisco Inferno softball team, managed by his partner Tim Williams, and was so proud of Timmay and the Inferno teams. He especially loved attending the Seattle 2008 World Series and making fan packs for everyone.

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