Switch Hitters Team Fundraiser 2022  · Any

Jun 11 ’22 at 5:00 PM
Registration Dates:
Apr 26 ’22 – Jun 12 ’22 regular
Team Fees

A winning team will be randomly selected by June 1st.

Team Bartending & Other Duty Guidelines

Tend Bar:  Set up both mixed drink bar and beer/wine table.  At mixed drink bar, 4 people to help throughout the night make mixed drinks.  1 person at beer/wine table to pour beer and wine for patrons.  Must collect drink tickets in exchange for beverage.  At the end of the evening, help breakdown and clean bar and beer/wine areas.

*Note:  Please have the people you have who are tending bar arrive to set up not later than 5pm as cocktails begin at 6pm. 

Hotdogs:  Need 4 people to serve hot dogs and or other food.  This includes setting up kitchen, cooking hot dogs (2 people) and serving (at least 2 servers out of the kitchen), as the kitchen is in back.  Collect tickets for hot dogs.  Clean up kitchen and serving area at the end of the evening. We usually close this down about 1 hour before the event ends (i.e. 9pm).

*Note:  Please have the people you have who are in the kitchen to prepare food arrive to set up and begin cooking no later than 5pm as food sales begin at 6pm.  Your servers (who serve the food), do not need to arrive until 6pm.

Raffle:  Need 2 to 4 people to sell raffle tickets.

*Note:  People can rotate in and out of these positions, as long as they are from the same team.  

*Note:  All tips money made from tending bar goes to team.  All ticket sales for hotdogs also go back to team and gets added to their bar tending money total.

*Note:  Please let you team know that at the end of the event they are asked to stay and help clean up a bit. 

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