Register as a performer for Switch Hitters 2020  · Any All Levels

Jun 13 ’20 at 5:00 PM
Jun 13 ’20 at 10:00 PM
Registration Dates:
Jan 1 ’20 – Jun 15 ’20 regular
SOMArts Cultural Center
Group Fees
Regular $0.00 per group
Individual Fees

Interested in performing this year as team or an individual, please register here?  


SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street
San Francisco

6:00pm-7:00pm Social Hour - Silent Auction
7:00pm-10:00pm Show and Entertainment
*Performers: Switchhitter contestants do not have to pay to get in.  Group performers who do not have a table (meaning a ticket that their team paid for to get a table) are $15.00.  
* Music from the performers: THESE MUST BE ON CD's and LABELED.  No other format will be accepted.  NO: tapes (yes I said tapes), ipads, ipods, phones, memory sticks.  CD's ONLY.
* The switchhitter performers must come in their regular clothes.  They will be given 45 minutes to one hour to put on makeup and get dressed.  
* The switchhitter may have back up dancers to their performance.
* Group performers:  This consists of three or more people and they do not have to be all from your team.  Group performers may come dressed up to the event.  We will have some space for group performers to put on clothes etc, but makeup space is limited will be used for the Switchhitter.
* The order of the performances will be done randomly.
* Performances must have a limit 6 minutes.  No more.
* All performances DO NOT have to adhere to the theme.  Judging it not based on theme application.  
*Judging is based on: LipSync and Originality/Creativity.
* Prize money must be picked up that evening.  If not done that evening, they will lose their winnings.
* Prize money for both categories: 1. $150  2.  $100  3.  $75 
* We will have the usual bar offerings and hot dogs to sell.

* We will have a raffle & silent auction (6pm - 7pm).  

*Doors will open at 6pm6pm to 7pm is cocktail hour and show starts at 7pm

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